THE SCENES OF PROPHECY are alive today in our news reports. When these prophecies were written, no man alive had any idea of the events that would come to pass. They only had a knowledge of the principles that would be played-out in our world, just before the close of time. We are seeing prophetic events being fulfilled before our eyes.

This site is dedicated to JESUS and His prophecies, especially in connection with end-time events. And with that in mind, we present to you a book that will help you understand what is going on today in the world—and in your life! There has never been a book written quite like The Great Controversy. You will find rich connections of the Old and New Testaments. You will find a perspective of history that will shed wonderful light on what has taken place in the past and our current situation today. You will find answers to many questions that have been a mystery to you.

The book opens with the sad closing scenes of Jerusalem’s history, the city of God’s chosen, after her rejection of the Man of Calvary, who came to save. From there onward, along the great highway of the nations, it points us to the persecutions of God’s children in the first centuries; the great apostasy which followed in His church; the world-awakening of the reformation, in which some of the great principles of the controversy are clearly manifest; the awful lesson of the rejection of right principles by France; the revival and exaltation of the Scriptures, and their beneficent, life-saving influence; the religious awakening of the last days; the unsealing of the radiant fountain of God’s word, with its wonderful revelations of light and knowledge to meet the baleful upspringing of every delusion of darkness.

For a more complete picture of the creation until now, please read The Conflict of the Ages.