The Mormon Church

“In this, a new dispensation, and verily the last – the dispensation of the fullness of times – the law of the Sabbath has been reaffirmed unto the church… We believe that a weekly day of rest is no less truly a necessity for the physical well-being of man than his spiritual growth; but primarily and essentially, we regard the Sabbath as divinely established, and its observance a commandment of Him who was and is and ever shall be, Lord of the Sabbath.” James E. Talmage, Articles of Faith, 25th Edition, Art. 13, Chap. 24, pp. 449, 451, 452.   

“The acceptance by the Latter-day Saints of what is usually called the ‘Christian Sabbath,’ or ‘Lord’s Day,’ as the proper day of special service and worship of the Lord is sometimes challenged. Such acceptance is challenged as being in violation of one of the Ten Commandments- the fourth- which directed ancient Israel to keep holy the Sabbath day- the Seventh day of the week; and which, it is held, was designed to be a perpetual law unto all who accept God as Creator and Law-giver.” Brigham H. Roberts, The Lord’s Day (13 page pamphlet), p. 3.